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Fishing With Grace Fishing Charters

VERIFIED  5 Hour Trip (AM) on September 30, 2022

Captain Grace took my friends and I out for a trip of a lifetime. He kept us entertained with math trivia and facts and most importantly he put us on fish. We each caught our limit of redfish and also we’re able to tag our first bull red. We also caught plenty others we had to throw back. At one point we each had a fish on the line. He also graciously fileted our fish to our liking and gave us the unused jumbo shrimp. He. Also was willing to change the time on our trip due to the weather conditions…. 

 Ricky G. recommends Grace Fishing Charters

Best experience ever! Half day trip

VERIFIED  5 Hour Trip (AM) on October 10, 2022

Let me start off by saying thank you so much! You Grace boys are the best in the business. You went above and beyond to ensure this trip would be memorable. As soon as a fish came off the hook in the boat i was taking a picture and back at it. My hook was never empty whether it was bait or a Bull Red. These guys know there stuff when it comes to fishing in the ocean. They are very professional and operate with pride. Lots of action and a great smooth ride. These guys take great care of their equipment…

Adrian R. recommends Grace Fishing Charters

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